The choice of the state to move to is a very responsible task since the choice is quite impressive. Moreover, people consider different factors evaluating the quality of life in the state before making the final choice. Families with kids pay more attention to the house cost, quality of education, and safety of the state to live in, while young couples and singles would rather evaluate rent prices, employment opportunities, and entertainment. However, there are other important things to consider when you make a choice of the best state to live in. It can be the cost of living, healthcare level, commuting time, population density, crime rate, etc. Having analyzed statistical data for 2019, now it is possible to make up the rating of the best states to move to in 2020.


  1. New Hampshire

There is nothing surprising that New Hampshire takes the first place in the rating of the best states to live in since it has been there for several years already. Known as the Granite State, it features the 3rd place in the economic development and safety, so with the quite high median income of over $71,000, many families can afford to buy a home estimated at $244,000 on average and live happily there. The quality of education and healthcare are very high here. Most of the population is employed, though there is a 5% unemployment rate too. There are many great towns to settle, no sales tax, and easy access to the Atlantic ocean with all those benefits provided.


  1. Massachusetts

This state has taken the second prize thanks to the stability of its economy and several more positive features appreciated by people. Though homes are not that cheap here (about $352,000), there is quite a high median income of over $74,000. It features the 2nd best level of education, healthcare, and economy in the country. Moreover, it takes leading positions in quality of life and safety. Despite being one of the most densely populated states, it is still ranked the 7th in job opportunities and has a variety of places to see, visit, and have fun, so great leisure time is guaranteed there.


  1. Connecticut

Do you want to be a wealthy person? Head for Connecticut where most of the residents feel confident in the future. This state offers quite affordable housing (about $270,000) and the median income there is quite impressive too – over $73,000 per year. Other great benefits of living there is a low crime rate, top-of-the-charts education, beautiful and various landscape and low state income taxes. In general, it has been ranked the fourth in quality of life by Forbes and there is nothing surprising.


  1. New Jersey

Why should you move to New Jersey? If you do care about your safety, it is the best city to live in with your family. At the same time, it is not the only reason because local residents are considered one of the wealthiest in the country earning about $76,000 a year. Though housing is not that cheap, there is good education and quality healthcare services. There are lower energy costs, more financially educated people, and excellent employment opportunities (unemployment rate of 3.2% only).


  1. Minnesota

There is hardly any better place to live cheaply and safely than Minnesota. This state has ones of the cheapest home prices that do not reach even $200,000, though the median income is 11th best – over $65,000 per year. Healthcare is an affordable and high-quality one, while the job market is strong enough to maintain the unemployment rate under 3%. It is worth mentioning about excellent educational opportunities offered by the state with over 200 colleges and universities. The quality of life is one of the highest there too.


  1. Maryland

Though money is not the main thing in life, they are a necessity for happy living and Maryland is a state to earn enough. Its median income is one of the highest in the US being over $78,000. Homes are averagely priced, while the quality of education in public schools is a dream for all parents. There is a stunning nature though it may be difficult to find a big city there except for Baltimore.


  1. Texas

You may wonder why there are so many movers from California to Texas? In fact, the reasons are different but one of them is the quality of life offered in Taxes. Not only a variety of jobs and their steady growth attract people to Taxes but also excellent education and low cost of living. Though the median income is about $57,000, almost every resident can save enough to buy a home and live there happily. There is a lower overall tax burden and favorable climate, let alone multiple large cities to choose from and a low crime rate.